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When dealing with multimedia files, day after day you encounter problems with unsupported files due to the vast number of different formats that exist. Even though, everyone is working with the same standards of audio, video, photo or text files, we all frequently come up against the need to convert to some unfamiliar format to be able to open the file without problems.

This is the ideal moment for the timely arrival into the fray of the online application named YouConvertIt, an application that lets you convert equally the format of a picture, video, audio file or text document into an infinite number of possible formats. As an example of its power, we can tell you that you can convert a pdf file into more than 60 different formats that span the options of turning a file into an mpg video, a jpg photo as well as the unfamiliar formats dpx, pnm or tga.

But that’s just the start of YouConvertIt, since there are other conversion tabs allowing you to download and convert online videos found on websites like youtube or dailymotion without anything having to be installed. You can also use YouConvertIt to send files to friends. You can upload a file and send the download link via email.

Lastly, YouConvertIt has a facility for conversion of units. Whether electricity, force, time, temperature, speed, fuel consumption, weight, currency, … there is a limitless list of conversion options which are bound to suit your needs.

Summing up: if what you seek is a powerful converter of every format without the need to install anything, free of charge and usable from any computer, even where you have no administration privileges, YouConvertIt is the answer.
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